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KGBS Technician Checks the Maintenance of the Solar Panels

About Us

At the heart of Kenya’s quest for a sustainable future lies the Kenya Green Building Society – a passionate, member-based, independent, and non-profit organization committed to reshaping the nation’s-built environment. With a resolute focus on environmental, social and governance as a core responsibility, KGBS is on a mission to transform the built environment, paving the way for a healthier, more efficient, and socio-eco-friendly future.

Our Purpose and Mission

KGBS was born out of a fervent desire to champion the cause of sustainability and foster a climate-friendly ecosystem.

As a steadfast and established member of the esteemed World Green Building Council, KGBS unites individuals, corporations, and governments on both national and global scales to advocate and strive for the transformation needed to secure a sustainable future.

Guiding Sustainability

Our Board Members, a dedicated team of diverse experts, lead KGBS with a strategic vision,

sustainable practices and member interests.

Azmeena Bhanji


Nasra Nanda

CEO & ESG Lead

Gurmukh Singh

Vice Chairperson

Nathan Yego

Board Secretary

Frank Mwiti

Board Treasurer

Wangari Muchiri

Board Member

Chris Kimanga

Board Member

Roy Githaiga

Board Member

Claire Anami

Board Member
Rita Gicheru

Rita Gicheru

Board Member

Mahmood Nour

Board Member

Energizing Progress

Our team, a dynamic group of professionals, fuels KGBS operations with their expertise,

ensuring effective implementation of sustainable initiatives and seamless member engagement